Henri and Teddy

A story about Cookies that you really want!

Henri (Aged 6) loves baking cookies and muffins. Helped by mum Grace and brother Teddy (Aged 8), they decided to bake some individually wrapped cookies and set up a stall outside their house so that the public could buy them. All to help the NHS.

It all started at the beginning of lockdown as Henri baked cookies and cakes and was doing doorstep deliveries to relatives.

Once the idea was formed, they set up a stall outside the house and posted it on social media. At just £1 a cookie, the demand was great with people often putting in more than the required amount. So much so, they made a total of £160!

They got in contact with ward F22, who said that they would love some rainbow badges for the team so that they would remember each other when they returned to their normal wards and duties. (The team on F22 were pulled together from various wards and departments due to the Covid-19 pandemic).

After speaking with a local badge maker, they got the badges made and sent them off to the hospital.

The ward team were so touched by the efforts and the badges that they sent a thank you card back. Henri and Teddy also got a badge and a key ring made for them.

All this was done under the watchful eye of sister Olive (8 months).

Here at NHR, we think this such a great story of people of all ages wanting to do something to help both the NHS and the community. Great work folk!


Henri, Teddy and mum Grace explain what they did

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