All the music from Vinyl brought to you by Martyn Brown.

Brought to you by the Vinyl Impressions Club.

There are a number of themes you’ll see –

  • Old, Gold ‘n’ Rare – If the music is old, it’s included, if it’s sold so many copies that it’s earned a gold disc, it’s included and, just for a good variety, rare vinyl tracks are played, as well
  • Vinyl Pop Hits – There are two types of Vinyl Impressions shows that feature ‘Vinyl Pop’, firstly, Vinyl Pop and, secondly, Vinyl Pop Hits.  Vinyl Pop is exactly that but with tracks not necessarily being a chart hit, while Vinyl Pop Hits feature the biggest chart hits from across the decades
  • Mystery Year – So many stations love The Mystery Year Top 3s where, presenter Martyn Brown plays the top 3 singles and lets you try to remember which year the songs played are from.  
  • Vinyl 1960s – Vinyl 1960s is usually the big pop hits from this decade but, sometimes, it features the rare tracks that have become collector’s items over the years.  

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