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Nottingham Hospital Radio is a charity. As a result, we rely on people like you to donate. This allows NHR to continue entertaining the patients in the QMC and City hospitals. Donating to NHR is easy and rewarding so please help.

Hospital radio stations provide  invaluable benefit to patients.  Research conducted by the Hospitals Broadcasting Association highlighted the benefits of Hospital Radio on patients.

In its conclusions, the report found that



  1. Boredom can be alleviated through entertainment provided by hospital radio. The playing of music and other content that listeners like and that is relevant to them.
  2. Loneliness and feeling socially isolated can be reduced by providing listeners with a virtual friend. Face to face interaction with volunteers from the station also helps.
  3. Anxiousness and frustration can be reduced as hospital radio can be a calming influence. Providing distraction and offering reassurance.
  4. Patients in hospital can feel disorientated. Hospital radio can help familiarise themselves with the hospital. Help them maintain a connection with their lives and people outside.
  5. The focus on peoples condition in hospital can be depersonalising. Hospital radio can help people to feel like an individual by focusing on their personality and the music they like.
  6. Hospital radio has the potential to increase awareness of health and wellbeing by delivering information and advice in an appropriate and sensitive way.

The full report can be found on the HBA website. Follow the link to read more.

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Hospital radio is a great service to people in hospital.

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Donate Online

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We’ll also accept a cheque just make the cheque payable to Nottingham Hospitals’ Radio and send it to Nottingham Hospitals’ Radio, Queens Medical Centre, Derby Road, Nottingham. NG7 2UH.

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Regular fundraising events take place throughout the year. Keep an eye open on this website, talk to our volunteers or tune in for more information on these events.

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