It is proven that music and entertainment really helps patients in their recovery. So why not do something amazing and help us. 

Like any other charity, NHR needs money to carry on with our activities. 

We have regular bills that we have to pay in order to maintain our service and to ensure that we are appropriately licensed. 

Whilst we love and appreciate donations, we are also looking for more regular support. 

We are now able to offer sponsorship opportunities for companies or individuals that would like to support us.

We have several levels of sponsorship available as below – 

Level 1 Sponsorship

(1 Available)

This is the stations main sponsor offering. It includes the following – 

  • A short, pre-recorded sponsorship message each time a new online stream session is started
  • The sponsors logo along with the title ‘Main Sponsor’ on the stations website front page.

Level 2 Sponsorship

(1 Available)

This level provides a the sponsors logo on the stations website main page along side the main sponsors logo. It will have the title ‘Secondary Sponsor’

Level 3 Sponsorship

(3 Available)

Your logo will appear on the ‘Listen now’ page of the website. This is the page where people visit when they want to listen to the stations online output.

Show Sponsorship

(2 Available)

Program Sponsorship will be able to select an available program on the station and to have a pre-recorded sponsorship message twice an hour.

Podcast Sponsorship

(1 Available)

NHR Has its own podcast. Many of our interviews and features are added to this so that our listeners can choose when they listen. We are able to add a sponsorship message to the start of each and every podcast for the duration of the agreement.


If you are interested in any of our available sponsorship options, then please get in touch with us. 

Just click the button and we’ll be in touch.

Thank you!