Henri and Teddy


A story about Cookies that you really want!

Henri (Aged 6) loves baking cookies and muffins. Helped by mum Grace and brother Teddy (Aged 8), they decided to bake some individually wrapped cookies and set up a stall outside their house so that the public could buy them. All to help the NHS.

It all started at the beginning of lockdown as Henri baked cookies and cakes and was doing doorstep deliveries to relatives.

Once the idea was formed, they set up a stall outside the house and posted it on social media. At just £1 a cookie, the demand was great with people often putting in more than the required amount. So much so, they made a total of £160!

They got in contact with ward F22, who said that they would love some rainbow badges for the team so that they would remember each other when they returned to their normal wards and duties. (The team on F22 were pulled together from various wards and departments due to the Covid-19 pandemic).

After speaking with a local badge maker, they got the badges made and sent them off to the hospital.

The ward team were so touched by the efforts and the badges that they sent a thank you card back. Henri and Teddy also got a badge and a key ring made for them.

All this was done under the watchful eye of sister Olive (8 months).

Here at NHR, we think this such a great story of people of all ages wanting to do something to help both the NHS and the community. Great work folk!


Henri, Teddy and mum Grace explain what they did

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Recover Tree


It is really important right now to remain positive. There is so much bad news that positivity is essential. Bring on the Recover-tree.

Becca Fitch and the team on F18 at the QMC have created what they are calling a ‘Recover-Tree’.

Quite simply, it is a tree on the wall, and each leaf represents someone who has recovered from COVID-19 in the care of the wards. As a result, there is a positive feeling and a target to aim for.

Becca tells NHR’s Rajiv about the Recover-Tree

Becca was assisted by the ward teams with a special callout for Leanne Brown and Charlotte Turner.

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F22 Paper Flowers

F22 – Cheering and Coping

F22 at the QMC is currently acting as the COVID HCOP ward. That can be a pretty tough place to be for both patients and staff.

In order to cope and to help patients and families, Lisa has been teaching her fellow colleagues how to make paper flowers (real ones aren’t allowed).

In an interview with Rajiv Hasan from NHR, she tells how this helps the staff and the patients.

As well as this, they use donated blankets and soft toys to provide a warmer more homely environment as well as a keepsake for the families.

Listen to the interview here

Lisa from F22 tells how they keep busy and make the patients more comfortable.

Lisa also tells of how music is so important and how they maintain a board which they record the patients music tastes on so that we at NHR can play them out on air.

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James Blunt Radio Show

Thanks to James Blunt and the Hospital Broadcasting Association, NHR is able to bring you a James Blunt Radio Show. This is only available on hospital radio!

Blunt, a former reconnaissance officer in the Life Guards regiment of the British Army is now doing his bit to lift the spirits of those suffering from coronavirus, by hosting a “cheerful” hospital radio show. The show will include a mixture of feel-good music intertwined with messages of gratitude to those working in the frontlines.

This radio show will be on NHR after the 16:00 News on Friday 22nd May.

Thanks to James and the HBA in making this show available.

NHR - here for you

Local Radio, International Interest.

Nottingham Hospitals Radio exists purely to entertain the patients, staff, friends and relatives of Nottinghams City and QMC Hospitals. It’s a very local and personal thing that we think makes a real difference. Hospital radio is a very British tradition, but now there is interest in what we do from around the world. Local Radio, International interest!

Awareness of the NHS

The Coronavirus pandemic is making everyone aware of our hospitals in ways like never before. The levels of appreciation for the amazing staff is at an all time high.

Hidden away in a west block corridor in the Queens Medical Centre, are the radio studios of NHR. These studio’s, the volunteers that operate them and the service they provide are now getting attention themselves. International attention.

international Interest

NHR have recently been approached by the New York Times who have completed an article about Hospital radio – featuring NHR. The article appeared in print on the 14th May 2020 on page 4 of the main newspaper and online.

See the article here – New York Times article

The article has triggered much interest from around the world, most recently in Italy.

Here for you

No matter how famous we may become (blush), you can be assured we know what’s important. That is you, the listener, the patient, the staff, the community.

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We truly are Local Radio, International Interest


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Take A Bow, Michael Doyle

The NHR sports team regularly visit the grounds of Notts County and Nottingham Forest to provide commentary and comment on the games. One of the commentaries that Richard Smith is most proud to present was entitled ‘Take a bow, Michael Doyle’.

The clip is of Michael Doyles’ first goal for Notts County, scored from the halfway line in a way not seen before. It secured Notts a 2-1 win over Dagenham & Redbridge on the 11th January 2020. Richard is clearly excited!

Click the picture below to see the goal and listen to Richards commentary.

Take a Bow Michael Doyle

This video clip has been made available by kind permission of Notts County Football club and the FA.

VE Day 75

VE Day – 75 Years

In order to mark the 75th Anniversary of VE day, Nottingham Hospitals’ radio are pleased to be able to bring you 4 hours of VE day programming courtesy of Absolute Radio 40’s and the Hospital Broadcasting Association.

Included are interviews, news clips, stories and music from the era.

In the middle of the current crisis it is going to be a very different event from years gone by, however it is still so very important that we take the time to remember and celebrate.

It will start at 11:00 AM with 2 minutes silence.

Christopher Kemp

Christopher Kemp

Christopher is a lifelong Derby supporter. He recalls his first game being a pre season friendly against CSKA Moscow in 1997, when the Rams were managed by the legendary “Bald Eagle”, Jim Smith.
He once had ambitions to be a goalkeeper like his idol, Derby’s Estonian giant Mart Poom.
Chris is a keen football programme collector and even has a few Forest ones in his set now, as he regularly crosses over to “the other side” as part of his NHR duties. That’s commitment for you!

Ian Marsden

Ian Marsden

Since the age of 10, Ian’s dream was to be a sports reporter…..specifically football, and even more specifically, Notts County!
He’s been a hospital radio volunteer since 2012, at both Nottingham and Leeds, and rates it – along with his degree in Sport Journalism – as the best thing he’s ever done.
Ian says commentating on England cricket and England Rugby League; at Headingley, Trent Bridge, Elland Road and Meadow Lane , is doing what he was born to do and living his life’s dream!