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Nottingham Hospitals Radio exists purely to entertain the patients, staff, friends and relatives of Nottinghams City and QMC Hospitals. It’s a very local and personal thing that we think makes a real difference. Hospital radio is a very British tradition, but now there is interest in what we do from around the world. Local Radio, International interest!

Awareness of the NHS

The Coronavirus pandemic is making everyone aware of our hospitals in ways like never before. The levels of appreciation for the amazing staff is at an all time high.

Hidden away in a west block corridor in the Queens Medical Centre, are the radio studios of NHR. These studio’s, the volunteers that operate them and the service they provide are now getting attention themselves. International attention.

international Interest

NHR have recently been approached by the New York Times who have completed an article about Hospital radio – featuring NHR. The article appeared in print on the 14th May 2020 on page 4 of the main newspaper and online.

See the article here – New York Times article

The article has triggered much interest from around the world, most recently in Italy.

Here for you

No matter how famous we may become (blush), you can be assured we know what’s important. That is you, the listener, the patient, the staff, the community.

Remember we have entertainment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Why not get in touch and ask for a request?

We truly are Local Radio, International Interest


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